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The Butterfly Motif

Summer is full of beautiful butterflies fluttering on our outfits for 2009.  Butterflies are an eternal symbol of rebirth and renewal.  They are delicate and come in shimmery colors of all kinds.  Add a splash of them to your wardrobe!

Wear It:

Butterflies don’t have to be taking over your entire outfit for you to enjoy this summer trend. Keep them as they are: delicate, feminine, and not overpowering. A butterfly brooch is a perfect place to start, or a pretty print on a wispy top.

Find It:

Juicy Couture – very feminine, delicate butterfly pieces – WeeGarden’s shop on has chic butterfly headbands – homemade! – beautiful butterfly jewelry pieces and fluttery tops

More Reads: – Blog about how to rock the butterfly motif – Another blog listing where the motif started this year – Butterfly fashion on the runway!


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Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals have been all the rage this spring and summer (for the second summer in a row!!).  Popularity through celebrities pushes these sandals into our price range and the options are endless!

Wear It:

Gladiator sandals are truly a wear-all fashion style.  You can wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts, capris and everything in between.  The general rule of thumb is flats with shorts and pants, and heels with dresses and skirts.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up though!

Find It:

I know you have seen gladiator sandals all over the stores this summer. Price options I’ve seen range from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks.

Check out: – this is hands down my favorite site for shoes – free shipping (for purchases and returns!) – cheap cheap cheap!

DSW – best place for designer shoes at cheap prices – lots of selection

More Reads:

The Chic Fashionista – How to look chic in gladiator sandals – Gladiator sandals for “Smart Sophisticated and Sexy Women”

Wiki How – 5 steps!

China – surprising, but shows how celeb’s wear the gladiator trend

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Lets face it ladies, we all have tons of skirts in the closet gathering dust.  I decided to sway a bit from the hot trends of 2009 to do a mini-piece on the good ‘ol skirt.  They’re perfect all summer and spring PLUS they’re always in style, year in and year out.

Wear It:

For the FIRST time in Fashion For Jane history, a web link on a couple sites must go first: (the best skirts for your shape) and

Harpers (how to wear it guide for skirts)

Skirts are versatile and flexible but you need to pay attention to your body type to be sure the skirt is perfect for you! Since there are so many differences in our body types, leading by example is a great way to find a skirt for you.  Check out either of those two sites to see what skirts work best for you.

Depending on the style and shape, you can dress ’em up or down; they can hide the unwanted, make you look taller, shorter, and a plethora of other illusions.  Get out of that pants habit and change it up a bit ladies!  Skirts can be more flattering than pants!

Find It:

Some of this years best skirts can be found at:

Abercrombie – Great plaid prairie skirts

Lacoste – Supplies the best pleated skirts

Victoria’s Secret – tons of great skirts in all styles – VS is always flattering! – Unique styles, unique patterns

See It:

Casual & simple for summer…

Dressier A-line…

Patterned full skirt…

Prairie skirt…

More Reads:

Gray – How to wear summer skirts blog

I Heart – More cute skirt examples and where to get them – great mini-history site for skirts – I was totally drawn in by this blog, a girl taking inspiration from runway and making it her own.  Includes some skirts and great how-to-wear info!

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80’s NEON

Everyone has seen it – the 80’s are coming back.  It scared me a little at first, but this time the neon is in correct proportion and can be worn beautifully!

Wear It:

It’s all about skin tone and proportion for the neon trend this year. Don’t switch over your whole wardrobe to neon, just add a few pieces here and there to spice up your regular wearings (THINK: shoes, nail polish, hats, jewelry, belts, makeup). The best hue that works across the board for all skin tones is believe it or not – the bright highlighter PINK. Otherwise, check out the other reads section to find your skin tone and which colors work best for you.

Accessorize It:

Accessories for neon are just like any other clothes you wear! You can go chunky, or simple, depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Think of a neon piece as just another part of your wardrobe. Accessories that are neon can help wean you into the neon trend if you’re just not ready to rock bright yellow leggings. Try to stay with one neon piece per outfit – whether it’s a t-shirt or bright necklace – to not overwhelm yourself with the 80’s.

Don't forget about shoes!

Don't forget about shoes!

Find It:

There’s really only 2 sites you need for neon:

American – Hands down the BEST store for neon clothes/accessories – Second best site – VERY colorful and items are from

See It:

More Reads: – how to chose colors that fit your skin tone – NEON is back – eHOW always comes through with a how-to-wear guide

Star Fashion – Gives  cute example of different ways to include neon in your life

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Mossimo Giannulli

Eye On Designers….

Mossimo Giannulli

We all know about Mossimo.  It’s our favorite Target go-to brand for fashion staples and even rebellious outfits for amazing prices.  Let’s give credit where credit is due and check out Mossimo Giannulli’s story.

Target Stores, Mossimo’s main buyer, gives us a small history of him:

“Mossimo Giannulli was born and raised in southern California, a region of the country heavily influenced by a casual, beach lifestyle.  In 1987, while still in his early twenties, Mossimo had an idea to capitalize on that lifestyle.  With a loan from his father, he started a small beach lifestyle company out of a garage on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California.  By marketing solely to surf shops, Mossimo’s company grossed $1 million in its first year.

By 1995, his collection included sweaters, knits, men’s and women’s suits.  Mossimo at the time became the New York Stock Exchange’s youngest CEO.  Mossimo stated, “From 1987 – 1996 we were on a roll but needed a larger infastructure to keep up.”  In 2000 Mossimo signed what would be his largest and most successful endeavour with Target Stores. (Mossimo at Target).”

Mossimo’s Latest at Target:

We LOVE to see Mossimo in our closets and in our local Target’s.  It brings staples to the wardrobe and amazing prices along with retro pieces that keep up with the latest fashions.  I love Mossimo because I know I get my basics and the price is perfect.  Also check out “More Reads” because you can get Mossimo at more locations as well.

More Reads:

Funding – Gives a full biography and background

Mossimo at Target– Target’s Pressroom

The Budget – Blog about Mossimo’s Plus-size line at Target – Has a lot of styles! – The mothership for Mossimo – Mossimo Jeans

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The Flapper’s are coming back baby, and it’s happening this summer in the form of fringe. We’re seeing a lot of fringe on skirts, tops, scarves, boots, and even sandals!

Wear It:

You can definitely pull off fringe without looking like your headed to a costume party.  Fringe looks best when it’s worn minimally and/or in one color.   Stay away from fringe jackets and jeans unless you’re going for the cowboy look.

Another big fringe tip is watching out for the type of fabric.  Crummy fabric can lead to the fringe clumping together or bunching up.

If fringe freaks you out swaying back and forth on your hips try the accessories route – a fringe purse or some cute fringe-topped shoes can spice up your life just as easily.

Accessorize It:

You don’t want to look overdone, so if you have to have something else with it try and stick to simple accessories.  Less is more!

Find It:

Fringe is lovely because it falls within the realm that most trends do – you can pay an un-godly amount for it or you can find it cheap.  Depending of course on how many seasons you want to keep your fringe going for would dictate how much to spend.

Forever 21 – Lots of fringe scarves here

Victoria’s Secret – They have some really cute fringe shoes!

Nordstrom – Great selection of fringe tops, skirts, and accessories

Neiman Marcus – Cute fringe dresses

See It:

More Reads: – Well-put blog about the rising Flapper trend – Short article on wearing fringe – Wearing fringe boots – Fringe Trend: Who’s wearing it and how to wear it

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