Floral and Printed Tops

June 24, 2009 Rena



Another essential this summer, which actually makes you feel like you’re in summer, is floral and printed tops.  They’re coming together this year, and this is a trend that is really blooming.

Wear It:

The floral or printed top could be one of the easiest this summer to pull off.  What I love about this style is that
A).  You probably already have it hiding in the back of your closet
B).  It’s easy, easy to pair with your basics.

The key to wearing a floral or printed top is to keep it the focus of your outfit.  If you’re rocking a bohemian-style tunic with flowers and all kinds of colors, be simple and pair it with jeans.  A floral or printed top works best when it can stand out against a “plain” background.  Don’t sell yourself short without color though – if the top has a lot of reds or pinks in it, get wild and pair it with red or pink shorts.  Give the top a bold, solid backdrop; just don’t wear other items that are going to compete with it (stripes, polka dots, etc).

Accessorize It:

Accessorizing your floral top with jewelry, purses, or shoes with the same idea of the other clothes you wear with it.  Keep it simple – gold/silver bangles, long plain necklaces, simple earrings, and solid colored purses and shoes.  The top will be guaranteed stand out independently and if you add accessories with big embellishments or heavy jewels they will compete and the result is too much going on!

If the floral or printed top is too much for you, or you feel like it’s a trend you may just rock once, try something more versatile to add floral/prints in your wardrobe.  Blogger Angie suggests trying a floral or printed pin.  She states, “It’s more economical and can be sported all year long.” Check out her suggestions/blog at: YouLookFab.com

Find It:

I would put money down that everyone reading this has some cute floral or printed top hiding away, awaiting its debut once again.  Pull it out!  Pair it with your dark jeans or black skirt and let it shine!  If finding something not moth-ridden proves difficult, here are some suggestions:

Forever 21 – Cute tops, but don’t expect wear for more than one season

Nordstrom – great variety of price range of floral and printed tops

Wet Seal – Love this store for cute, thin tops like this style

BeBe – A bit racier, sexier floral and printed tops from this store

See It:







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Splendicity.com – Cute Blog on Florals

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